What is the Live Chat function?

Our Live Chat function gives members of the public an alternative way to contact us and talk to one of our contact advisers in real time.

How can I use Live Chat?

Use the button on screen that says Live Chat. There may be times when we are busy that the option may be temporarily unavailable.

When is Live Chat available?

Live Chat is available between 8am and midnight every day.

What can I do on the Live Chat?

Our advisers will be able to help you navigate the website, answer any questions or queries you have, as well as take incident reports.

I’m trying to access Live Chat within the opening hours but I still can’t see the button?

We are aware that some pop-up blockers may stop the Live Chat button appearing in your browser window. If you have a pop-up blocker installed please refer to the software’s settings or online help guide to find out how you can allow pop-ups on our website.

Is there anything I shouldn’t use the Live Chat for?

Do not use the chat function if you believe there is an emergency or an immediate threat to life, please call 999 immediately.

What data is collected on the Live Chat?

This chat service is permission based. Before a chat begins, no data is collected about you beyond the information which websites usually collect. Once an invitation is accepted, all chats are monitored for quality assurance purposes and any information gathered is for internal use only.

Before a chat begins you will be asked for your name so our Contact Advisor can talk to you, and you can also provide a telephone number and email address if you choose to do so.

The information you provide using the chat service will be subject to police scrutiny. Any information found to be false or misleading will render you liable to prosecution.

You can find out more on our Privacy Notice page.

Can I keep a copy of the Live Chat conversation?

Yes. At the end of the chat you have the option to send yourself a transcript of the chat to your email address.


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